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We ask that you register for this event before March 15, but no special needs child will be turned away at the event on March 26.  Our hope is to provide a shirt and medal to all participants and we ask that you register to give us an opportunity to meet that goal.  



All athletes and guardians will need to come by registration to pick-up their packet and sign the liability waiver for the event on race day.

Our hope is for all athletes to register by March 15 to allow for an efficient registration process.

Tip: Please complete the registration to speed up the registration process on race day.  Our desire is for every child to receive a shirt and a medal.  There is the possibility this may not happen if registration is incomplete by March 15.  However, no special needs child will be turned away unless they do not have the consent of their guardian or parent.



-  Cornhole

-  Softball Throw

-  Standing Long Jump

-  50 yard Dash

-  100 Yard Dash


​ Our hope is for every athlete to get to participate in at least one event.

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